5-10 JULY 2018

 Istanbul Turkiye Harman Folklore Festival organisation would like seeing your dance group in KONYA / AKSEHIR   city International folk festival, which will be held 05-10 JULY in 2017. We are willing to organise, expand this International folklore festival every year and would like to see different cultures from all over the World.

Now we would like to let you know about festival conditions;

We can invite max 8 country . Group’s dancer ages must be older than 15 years old.   Groups can perform with CD or Life music. Performances at the day time or afternoons at the open  places . All groups will performance max 15 minute according to festival programme. First day there will be parade. The groups will bring national two flag and banners too. At the period of the festival groups will visit MAYOR  will give their present to the Mayor. There will be free times for sightseeing and also shopping centre, AQUA PARK, SWIMMING POOL.

ORGANISATION FEE  : Per person 50  Euro: FREE OF CHARGE : If groups come 30 people one group leader  free of charge.  . 31-45  people or more than, 2 group leaders  free of charge. If groups will come by their own bus, drivers free of charge too. we can't provide rooms for couples. We can only provide double rooms for drivers or leader.Payment will be in the festival first day euro in cash.

ACCOMMODATION : Aksehir  Municipality  festival committee  will provide  accommodation University dormitory and three meals . ( Per room 3- 4 people )

TRANSPORTATION : The participant groups must pay their own travel expenses from their Country to Turkey  (festival city) and return. If groups arrive by PLANE  Aksehir municipality committee will provide BUS FREE transportation in Aksehir and airport transportation      ( Konya – Aksehir – Konya ) or   ( istanbul – Aksehir –istanbul) .If groups come with their OWN bus festival committee will give 400 LT free gasoline at the last day of the festival from Aksehir municipality gasoline station.

In all case we would like to remind you that, this is not legal invitation. After having all groups necessary promotion materials (group photos and short description by e-mail or fax ) after we will send to the groups Official Invitations. If you are intent to stay more days in Turkey (istanbul- kapadokya-pamukkale-izmir-ankara-antalya-) you must let us know before your coming here than according your desire we can make some organisations.



TECHNICAL & ARTISTIC INFORMATIONS : All the basics are providing by the festival organisation, such as lightening, one stage side for musicians with microphones participation groups. The groups will perform at the open-air stages mostly during the nights, however some daily performances will be in festival schedule programme too. All group musicians will be asked to provide fun nights while teaching their traditional dances to the others.

FESTIVAL MEDICAL INSURANCE : All groups are required to secure MADICAL INSURANCE before coming to festival. Organisation won’t pay any medical or hospital cost incurred at the festival period. However for any emergency situation, we will provide an ambulance and it will be always ready for 24 hours.

GENERAL INFORMATION : Festival Organisation committee will provide an English-speaking guide to each group. All groups can perform live music or CD too

Organisation will provide some small stands to the groups for selling traditional hand make products, folk art items, flags, T-shirt, souvenirs etc.There will be three time gift exchange with Mayor and festival organisations.

Groups must bring National flag, banners for ceremonies and parade. We will just consider proposals from the groups that send us the materials to the following address.

Finally we say the AKSEHIR  festival will stay with you unforgettable wonderful sweet memories the rest of your life forever. If you are interest to participate festival please ask THE APPLICATION from harman@harmanfolk.com  . OTHER FESTIVALS IN TURKEY




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