We would be happy to welcome your ensemble in our wonderful Country and all together you form the beginning of new friendship to make an collaboration culture exchange and also confraternity with each other. We arrange Folkdance and culture groups  sport groups Festivals competitions tournaments in Turkey. Our Festivals and competitions  are of the May, July, August and September. If you can participate to our festival, please kindly send us the information’s.

ISTANBUL HARMANFOLK ORGANISATIN : It was founded in 1987 with the aim of arranging international Cultural organizations. The first international event had been taken place in 1990 in Istanbul /Turkey. HARMAN arrange international folklore festivals, Folk music band , Chorus festivals and Competition Brass band majorette festival and international youth soccer tournament  and Exchange school education activities every year.     

HARMAN FOLKLORE CLUB & ASSOCIATIONS: Every year 160 members of Harman folk;
Children-youth -Adult traditional folk dance and music groups participate abroad international folklore festival Since 1990, Harman groups had participated approximately 85 countries abroad festivals so far. We are always ready to participate abroad international amateur or Professional organisations every year ( folk dance seminar, workshop Turkish week ).
www.youtube.com/harmanfolk  stage performance videos

HARMAN CULTURE FESTIVALS ORG: Each year municipalities and organizations are 4-6 in Turkey with the support of sponsors. Harmanfolk 6-8 months of April and September each year in different municipalities in Turkey are of Culture festivals.

HARMAN CHORUS FESTIVALS & COMPETITION ORG: INTERNATIONAL ISTANBUL CHOIR FESTIVAL&COMPETITION Each year we invite  in Istanbul with the participation 12 different groups representing theirs country.  LINK

HARMAN SPORT TOURNAMENTS : Each year we invite  in Istanbul with the school children and young groups, clubs or teams, including football, soccer tournaments settable by the municipalities.

Every year, more than 70 foreign groups coming to our international folklore and chorus festivals in Turkey. We would like to invite and see your group in our international events. If you are interest and intend to take part please let us know between September-October in order to send you conditions –rules and further information all international festivals brochures.If you want we can exchange banner you friendship culture groups.  FRIEND PARTNERS



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