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Belediye Organizasyon

INTRODUCTION HARMAN KULTUR & FESTIVAL ORGANIZATION: HARMAN KULTUR AND FESTIVAL ORGANIZATION, which was established in 1987 to serve the Turkish culture, organizes International festivals every year with the support of different municipalities. Turkey is a member of many international festivals abroad, representatives of the group yapmaktadır.unesco -UNISEF (I.O.V - C.I.D - I.G.F - WIFOLK) ORGANIZASYON we deal with are MUNICIPAL AND INSTITUTIONS


  • Harmanfolk invites the correspondence of all the future groups to the municipality of the groups and the festival program. It provides guidance to groups of each country. It provides the flow of the program. It provides the groups to come to the municipality. // HARMANFOLK
  • 3 or more countries send invitations to the international festival The number of invited countries is 35-40 people. At least 5 nights accommodation and 3 meals needs of the groups will be met // Municipality
  • Their bus with the incoming group from Turkey border KM 400 LT diesel fuel or fees paid to .//Beledi
  • Security, sound stage, light, promotion and organizations of the places to be demonstrated should be organized. The head of the inviting institution invites the leaders of the incoming country to its office, presents a plaque and a gift // Municipality
  • For the Municipal Organization, Harmanfolk pays 350 EURO FOR EACH COUNTRY for the total festival organization. When the payment protocol is made, 20% is paid. The other fee is paid 15 days before the festival begins.

The festival organization will be held in cooperation with the Municipality, HARMANFOLK. The institutions that will hold the festival send an official invitation letter to Harmanfolk.

Local: upon request, handicraft exhibitions, stands, sporting activities, music-dance-choral organizations and artist support can be provided.

International: We can organize ethnic culture festivals, choirs, sports, marching bands, handicrafts, painting, carving arts and altarnative groups.