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About Us

Abroad : the UNESCO or connected ( UNICEF) is a member of many organizations folklore Internacional organization V I. O. – C. I. D – VIDEO – F A member of I. G. and I. G. F and Turkey representative of the branch and is a board member of the founding ARTISTIC Hars is a member of the Union first established in America.

Turkey : Ministry of Culture, Youth and sports ministry, Turkey Folk Dance Federation, a confederation of Anatolian folklore, FOLKLORE of Istanbul Istanbul Provincial Directorate of the Federation of Sports ( Youth and Sports Club Youth Club and stop) a lot of International Folklore – MUSIC - CHORUS – modern-dance – sport organizations in Turkey and abroad is engaged.

Istanbul Harman Dance and Music Club

Since 1987, in Turkey and abroad international folklore – Music - dance and engaged in many activities as a cultural organisation. Our country by many international organizations in our country and abroad every year about 250 musician-dancer and is engaged in the promotion of our country through activities and invite students. Since 1994, Europe, Asia and America a total of 72 amateur, professional, Turkish night, Turkish and International Folklore Festivals has organized week.

Harmanfolk Yönetim Kurulu

Chairman Bülent Uzun
Vice Chairman Nermin Uzun
Member Derya Ayhan
Member Günay Özturan
Member Osman Rıza Baykal
ISTCUP Football Tournament Vedat Uzun
Folk Dance Instructor Azize Saçlı
Folk Dance Instructor Hatice Doğan
Folk Dance Instructor Kumru Hasa Kasapoğlu
Folk Dance Instructor Gültekin Çelik
Folk Dance Instructor Mısra Tunç
Folk Dance Instructor Bülent Uzun