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 HARMAN FOLKLORE YOUHT CLUB ISTANBUL / TURKIYE  ( Culture, Festival ORG.) was found in 1987 from ISTANBUL in TURKEY . HARMANFOLK CULTURE & FESTIVAL ORG. arranges six different INT. CULTURE FESTIVAL - COMPETITION between  April – September  every year in  TURKEY. folk music, brass band, Chorus, Modern dance, theatre groups from all ages take place in ISTANBUL. please visit our website : www.harmanfolk.com


                                                                          BURSA     19-23 MAY    13-17 JULY    31 AUGUST 04 SEPTEMBER 

*** 3   HOTEL                   160 € / per person/ all Festival breakfast –dinner  4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS. ISTANBUL ISTANBUL Centrum.each room has 2-3-4 beds.. We will provide to you Two  meals per day Breakfast+Dinner. If groups want to lunch pocket we can arrange it. Eaach participant groups will be given a maximum of 3 twin or double rooms. An extra fee is charged for single and extra double rooms..

     *****   4-5   HOTEL                 210 € / 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS. per person/ all Festival Open Buffet traditional and World meal. Swimmingpool sauna sport saloon Turkish hamam.  ISTANBUL Centrum  each room has 2-3 beds.. We will provide to you Two  meals per day Breakfast+Dinner. If groups want to lunch pocket we can arrange it. Eaach participant groups will be given a maximum of 3 twin or double rooms. An extra fee is charged for single and extra double rooms..

TRANSPORTATION;   If the groups will come with their own buses,they will make all trips with their own bus. Groups are going to by PLANE, we are going to hire the bus for their all ground transportations.  Groups will pay this bus cost. Bus, serves throughout the festival dates (Airport transfers, excursions program transfers (group will visit historical area in Europe side only once), and transfers to the field performance). At the first day of the festival transportation fee should be paid to the festival committee. . If group number of participant  less than 14 per person per day  bus cost is 30 euro €. , more than 15 people per person per day 25 euro €. for the  solo duet participate Between 1-4 people cost   per person per day  40 euro € .

If groups want to vizit historical cities ( Bursa -Antalya - Side pamukkale- Capadokia) we can arrange before or after festival..

ANTALYA INFO  :  Antalya, the most beautiful city in the World, located at the south of Turkey near Mediterranean Sea shore, every year has been visiting more than 10 Million tourists from all over the World mostly Russian, German people have their own houses. Antalya has just wonderful climate, tourisseason usually start second week of March till the end of November, let’s say 9 months summer. During the summer period no rain, no cloudy but always sunny and just brilliant blue sky.  Summer time temperature 40-45 C around, the besseason September temperature 35 C around no rain and Sea water at leas27 C around.

ANTALYA HOTEL ACCOMMODATION  *** three star HOTEL Antalya lara beach.

***star HOTEL  95 Euro     ( 3 night 4 days)

***star HOTEL 120 Euro      ( 4 night 5 days)

***star HOTEL 145  Euro    ( 5 night 6 days)

We will organise  to    3***  hotel  3 meals  open buffet breakfast  + Lunch+dinner.  including swimming pool and the wonderful beach Antalya. Rooms are 2 beds  3 beds including air-condition, TV, shower  and toilet in the room.


TRANSPORTATION : The participant groups must pay their own travel expenses from their Country to Antalya and return. If groups coming by  their own bus, they will use the bus for all ground transportations.    If groups coming by plane we will hire the bus and it cost    950 Euro for all ground transportations. ( 19-46 people)Transportation only from airport-hotel and from hotel-airport    cost is 380 euro. If the number of the groups 12-18 people  bus cost is 800 euro. This costs included all ground transportations.  from / to airport/hotel + transfer according festival programme    and excursion included.

BARTIN / AMASRA :  is famous for it is naturel harbor,beach and world famous fish. Amasra was located in the ancient region of Paphlagonia. During the ages the town was ruled by the Amazons, Kingdom of Pontus, Romans, and Byzantines, during which it was sacked by the Rus during the First Russo-Byzantine War in the 830's. In the 13th century Amasra was captured by the Seljuks. Amasra is a small Black Sea port town in the Bartın Province, Turkey.Istanbul- Amasra between 445 km.

We invite your group to Bartın Culture and Folklore Festival to be held in BARTIN / AMASRA  between 19 – 26 JULY 2024 

Accommodation Hostel: Group will stay university hostel breakfast –dinner  each room has 2-3-4  beds.. We will provide to you Two  meals per day Breakfast+Dinner. 

Per person /  95 € / 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS. Per person /  115 € / 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS. 

Accommodation 3*** Hotel grand astra https://grandastrahotel.com/

Group will stay 3*** hotel each room has 2-3  beds.. We will provide to you Two  meals per day Breakfast+Dinner and swimmingpool. 

Per person /  110 € / 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS. Per person /  130 € / 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS.



All the basics are providing by the festival organization, such as lightening, one stage side for musicians with microphones . Performance only after dinner max 15 minutes, each group 2 or 3 night at the open air. Groups can perform with CD or Life music. The all group musicians will be asked to provide fun nights while teaching their traditional dances to the others. The parades will be at the main street of the town it is about 300 meters long. All groups will perform at the stage (6 meter x 8 meter)


FESTIVAL MEDICAL INSURANCE  : All groups are required to secure MADICAL INSURANCE before coming to festival. Organisation won’t  pay any medical or hospital cost incurred at the festival period. However for any emergency situation, we will provide an ambulance and it will be always ready for 24 hours.


GENERAL INFORMATION : Festival Organisation committee will provide an English-speaking guide to each group. Organisation will provide some small stands to the groups for selling traditional hand make products, folk art items, flags, T-shirt, souvenirs etc. There will be two times gift exchange with Mayor and Organisation committee. Groups must bring National flag, banners for ceremonies and parade.

If group  agree and accept with the festival conditions; Fill out the application form and send it back to Harmanfolk. Meanwhile, send us group info and photos by e-mail in advance.

   * Group should transfer the deposit 600 Euro till MARCH  2024. They should send their deposit (600  

      Euro)  before festival, in order to pay to hotel reservation, For to avoid misunderstanding please write your   group  name title of the receipt and send a copy of receipt whenever you transferred the money (deposit fee)   All payments have to be pay in cash (travel-cheque not acceptable) at the first day of the festival. This deposit is non-refund

PARTICIPATED COUNTRIES : ( 2000-2024 )( America, Armenia , Bask Country Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Rep., Ecuador Hungary, Kazakhstan, Chile, Colombia,  Poland, Italia, Sicilia, Lithuania, Latvia, , Georgia, Holland, Norway, Greece, Korea, , India, Russia, Croatia, Taiwan, , Siberia, Mexico, Latvia, , Spain, Sweden Serbia,   Slovakia ,Slovenia,  Estonia, China, Japan, North Cyprus, Romania, Yakut, ( folklore, brass band, Chorus, Modern dance, theatre groups. CHILDREN, YOUTH, ADULT).





The aim is to introduce, the Turkish Culture, customs and traditions to all the people who work live in Culture and have the mood of the musician and the dancer. In this seminar, the goal is to meet Turkish various cultures and bring people together friendship and love. Duration of the seminar participants will learn different region part of Turkish traditional folk dance (Middle East, East and North of Turkey Black Sea dances), trakia –balkans dance – greece sirtaki-zeybetiko -  Ciftetelli-Karsilama and oriental dance.

HARMANFOLK ORG. WAS FOUNDED IN 1987. Nowadays have 160 members of children, young students and adult’s group lovers of Turkish traditional dancing, song and music. They are between the ages of 8-70. Harman repertoire consists have of our origin in various parts of TURKEY and which are based on our rich folklore heritage with fast and dynamic footwork, natural image and colourful costumes. A great number of awards and medals are the best confirmation about HARMAN group’s quality; they were the World champion at the outantic competition in Italy 2000.

Harman has been regularly arranging very famous Turkish belly Dance seminar since 2000 .In 2001 there was a Canadian Group , 80 people had been teach  very famous Dance teachers. In 2002 there were  two lady from Holland , came here to learn only Turkish oriental belly Dance . In  July there was a Group from Norway and their group leader name Helene ,who has approximately 50 dancer students in her country ,brought  here a group and we offered  them excellent program .  some groups participated for practice Traditional folklore, orinatal and Ciftetelli dance . We went to Larissa in Greece and we teached Turkish dance  to the groups from Norway and Greece in 2004 , 2008 france , 2010 hollanda Amsterdam 2015 makedonia skpoje, 2018 geoergia batumi, 2020 rusia yakutia 2023 Istanbul . 




COURSE : There will be  teachers well known English and experienced in International dance. 1 Turkish Folk+Trakia balkans dance  teacher,  2 Turkish musicians, 1 Oriental dance teacher,  1  Ciftetelli+ Roman dance  teacher ( karsilama 9/8 ) and 1 Black sea ( Pontus Black sea) Greek dance sirtaki zeybetiko. Per day 3-4 hours ( 14-16 hours)

ACCOMMODATION : Participants will stay at hotel. Three stars  hotel is  in centrum Istanbul.  breakfast and dinner just delicious famous Turkish meals. We would like to let you know that during the June weather is quite hot enough (30 C degree around) so they will be able to swim at the sea.

FEE      : PER PERSON 350 EURO 10 PEOPLE 1 FREE                                                           

TIME  :  5 NIGHT 6 DAYS BREAKFAST DINNER 3 STAR HOTEL ( per room 2-3 people)

DATES : ………………….                     ……………….

TRANSFER : From airport to the hotel, from hotel to the seminar place and back by bus and istanbul shooping and tours. 

SEMINAR  MEDICIAL INSURANCE : All groups are required to secure MEDICIAL INSURANCE. FOLK SEMINAR won’t pay for any medicinal or hospital costs incurred by seminar participants during the seminar. We will provide the healthy service during the festival 24 hours but we are not taken any responsibility some medicinal expenses also surgeon operation.

FREE ACTIVITIES DURING THE SEMINAR  : What you will have of your leisure time at the period of festival? , here they are:

You will be able to see the famous historical and touristy places and shopping at the GRAND BAZAAR, which provide an amusing opportunity of all entertainments of shopping mix the east and west. Grand Bazaar is the oldest art and largest shopping centre in the world, it’s covered more than 30 hectares of the land in this labyrinth system of streets and passages there are more than 18 entrances and approximately 400.000 daily visitors. Countless products coming from the east, west, north and the south meet here .Million of choices provide shopping with a great pleasure. All kind of products are supplied such as carpets, jewellery, silverware gifts, souvenirs, hand make crafts, leather wear, coppers etc.. We say the Grand Bazaar is the centre of the World. Istanbul known as the Capital of Empires was founded 2600 years ago. Approximately 5 million tourists visit this splendid city every year. You will also be able to notice the affect of OTTOMAN – BYZANTIUM cultures. 

You are going to see famous Topkapi place that has served the residence and political headquarter for ottoman sultans for 400 years, SULTANAHMET CENTRUN - MOSQUE, and Blue mosque and SAINT SOPHIA , GRAND BAAZAR EGYP BAAZAR, MAHMUTPASA STREET Participation  groups  will be able to see PUBLIC BAZAAR and big SUPER MARKET. Traditional excursion by private boat along the waterway (BOSPHORUS) 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The main goal at the international folklore festival is all the participators who return home to gain a lot of new friends and great memories. A traditional excursion by private boat along the waterway (BOSPHORUS) its 30 km long separating EUROPE-ASIA will be excellent and full of unforgettable breathtaking sceneries. Duration in four hours you can not imagine how amusing funs you will have, let me allow explaining you. You will listen our best pop songs ,belly dance music’s On the other hand if you desire, We can arrange for you activities TURKISH BATH ( HAMAM)DERWISH SHOW  AND Turkish night show. ( IF YOU ARE INTEREST IN TURKISH MEALS WE CAN ALSO ARRANGE A TURISTIC TURKISH NIGHT (WITH MAIL) YOU CAN TASTE OUR SPECIAL ALCOHOL ' RAKI 'EVERY EVINING YOU CAN ENJOY THE REAL MUSIC HALL IN GOOD TASTE WITH BEAUTIFUL BELLY DANCING. TYPICAL FOLKDANCES, FOLKSONGS FROM ANATOLIA AND THERE ARE ALWAYS IRRESISTABLE RHYTHMS TO DANCE TO. IN A REFINED SURROUNDING YOU WILL ENJOY THE NIGHT OF ISTANBUL.)


Finally we say the SEMINAR  will stay with you unforgettable wonderful sweet memories the rest of your life forever.

Now we are sending you Official application form, if you are AGREE and ACCEPT the conditions, please fill up the form and sent it back to us with attachment file A.S A.P


Rasim Pasa Mah. Macit Erbudak Sok. No: 34/1    34716  Kadıköy / ISTANBUL / TURKIYE 

mobil  00 90 532 274 79 73    www.harmanfolk.com   

e-mail: harman@harmanfolk.com  facebook  Bulent uzun  - Harman Uzun  and  instergam bulentuzun34 harmanfolklorkulubu 

If groups want to visit historical and touristic places in Turkey before or after the festival, we can assist you in every aspect with our professional staff. İSTANBUL - SKY AREA BURSA - KARTEPE SKY AREA  - Cappadocia - Hierapolis - Pamukkale - Antalya - Bodrum