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HARMANCHORUS & CULTURE COMPETITIONS   are   open for both amateur chorus groups,  folk dance  - folk music -instrumental music and  singing groups. Chorus may enter the competition in maximum two categories. Competition Groups can play and sing whatever they like when they will be on their performance place. Chorus may enter the competition in the following categories, with the number of members and the age-limits indicated below.

COMPETITION- FESTIVAL AND  CATEGORIES   : A1 DANCE :  FOLK DANCE  (traditional and stylized) MODERN DANCE ( grup, solo, düet)    Classic dance, neo-classic, Modern choreography ,jazz, show groups, step, oriental dances, disco,hip-hop, techno, street, electric boogie, break dance ,Theaters of dance ,Ballroom dance.

B1 FOLK MUSİC :  FOLK MUSIC- INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, Vocal soloists and duets, trios, authentic vocal, folk vocal

C1 CHORUS MUSİC :  CHORUS GROUPS  Children  Female Male Mixed,

D1 BRASSBAND MAJORETTE MUSİC :  Chilidren  Female Male Mixed,

E1 BSOLO DUET TRIO QOATRE GROUPS  : min 2 max 4 minute

FESTIVAL- COMPETITION GENERAL CONDITIONS :  Competition are   open for both amateur culture groups and all groups may enter the competition in maximum two categories. Expert jury members select from abroad. The International jury will evaluate the competitors according to their performance in competition. Competition min 6 max 8 minute . Performances are approximately 6-12  minutes. All groups will show of their performance max 2 nights. All performance will be two categorie CHILDREN  CATEGORIE maximum16 years of age ( can be over 16 till 18, %20 )   ADULT CATEGORIE minumum 16 years of age (  can be less 16, %20 )

ENTRY FEE : FOR PER GROUP 60 EURO  solo or duet groups entry free 30 euro. If groups will not participate competition they will not pay ENTRY FEE.

FOLK DANCE CONDITIONS OF COMPETITION  CHILDREN-ADULT  FOLK DANCE Competition are    open for both amateur   groups .. The number of the dancers  or musicians must be min 8 max 32 . the performance should be done with traditional dance and traditional costumes. Groups can use live music or CD

CHORUS - FOLK MUSIC & FOLK INSTRUMENTAL  RULES OF THE COMPETITION : Expert jury members select from abroad. The International jury will evaluate the competitors according to their performance in competition. Chorus can make their own repertoire and are free to choice of the songs for competition. Chorus must prepare songs for competition in time limits.  Minimum 6 minutes, maximum 8 minutes. The time starts with the first song and finishes with the last song together with breaks between the songs. If the groups pass the limited time, for the first 20 seconds, won’t be any cut of the point. But if they pass 8 minutes 20 seconds till 8 minutes 40 seconds there will be 1 point cut from the total point.

SOLO AND DUET DANCE & MUSIC COMPETITION : The competition will be organized folk solo -duet and modern dance solo -duet. The folk performance should be done with traditional music and traditional costumes. Modern dance solo duet is free costumes and free dance. It should be min 2 max 4 minutes

IST CUP PRIZE : Competition-Festival Committee will give Certificate, Medal to the all participants, moreover; plates and souvenirs will be given for each group and per categories 1st, 2nd and 3rd.The following prize money will be awarded to the groups who take the highest marks between all the groups.ISTCUP CUP and prize 

ACCOMMODATION *** 3  or  **** 4 STARS  HOTEL   centrum istanbul.

3 star hotel 160 € / per person/ all Festival time  4 NIGHTS 5 DAYSWe will provide to you Two  meals per day  (Breakfast+Dinner)hotel centrum in Kadikoy and Maltepe city centrum

5 star hotel  195 / per person / all festival time 4 NIGHT 5 DAYS 

We will provide to you Two  meals per day  (Breakfast+Dinner) OPEN BUFFET TRADİTİONAL TURKİSH AND WORLD FOODS. and accommodation at the  hotel centrum in Kadikoy and Maltepe city centrum  each room has 2-3 beds.  free internet wifi. If group come more than 25 people one leader free if groups want to lunch pocket we can arrange it.Eaach participant groups will be given a maximum of 3 twin or double rooms. An extra fee is charged for single and extra double romms

TRANSPORTATION;  If group is going to by PLANE, we are going to hire the bus for their all ground transportations.  Groups will pay this bus cost. Bus, serves throughout the festival dates (Airport transfers, excursions program transfers (group will visit historical area in Europe side only once), and transfers to the field performance). At the first day of the festival transportation fee should be paid to the festival committee. This is the cost of BUS for max. 45 persontotally 1200 €. If group number of participant  less than 16 person bus cost is 980 €.  For the solo duet participate Between 1-4 people cost  per person 90 euro.

 P.S: All payments have to be pay in cash (travel-cheque not acceptable) at the first day of the festival.Deposit is non-refundable.

 TECHNICAL & ARTISTIC INFORMATIONS: All the basics are providing by the festival organization, such as lightening, one stage side for musicians with microphones participation groups. The groups will perform at the open-air stages mostly during the nights, however some daily performances will be in festival schedule programmed too. https://www.facebook.com/eurasia.festivals

 FESTIVAL MEDICAL INSURANCE  : All groups are required to secure MADICAL INSURANCE before coming to festival. Organization won’t pay any medical or hospital cost incurred at the festival period. However for any emergency situation, we will provide an ambulance and it will be always ready for 24 hours.




 1 DAY : Groups coming by bus, Harman folk guide will meet the Groups  /Istanbul in the afternoon. 21:00 General meeting festival committee with the group leaders and interpreters, letting know recently details information in Dormitory.       (EXCHANGE PRESENT)

 2 DAY : 09:30
 All Groups must be ready in the bus just on time, moving from dormitory to Europe part, visiting historical area  SULTAN AHMET mosque (Free) TOPKAPI PLACE and ST. SOPHIA ( If groups want to visit give entry fee) and directly to very well known ,the oldest biggest covered shopping centre in the World GRAND BAAZAR.       
 3 DAY : 
 10:00 -12 : 00  BOAT TOUR 
By private boat tour at the lovely Bosporus, it is the best traditional excursion in the World, you will be able sunbath on the deck of the boat, full of amazing funs entertainments, dancing disco music, breathtaking scenery both part of Istanbul Europe-Asia,       Performance-Competitions  21:00  MİN 6 MAX 8 minutes.
 4 DAY  : Free time shopping possibility Shopping BAGDAT CAD , KADIKOY,  MALTEPE .
Performance 21:00 6-12 minutes.

DAY :  After the breakfast groups Leaving day from Istanbul..