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HARMAN FOLKLORE YOUHT CLUB ISTANBUL / TURKIYE  ( Culture, Festival ORG.) was found in 1987 from ISTANBUL in TURKEY and has performed at numerous folk festivals in Europe, The United States and The Middle East. HARMANFOLK CULTURE & FESTIVAL ORG. arranges six different INT. CULTURE FESTIVAL - COMPETITION between  April – September  every year in  TURKEY. folk music, brass band, Chorus, Modern dance, theatre groups from all ages take place in ISTANBUL. 

Atatürk, the founder of our Republic of Turkey, declared a national holiday for children on April 23 for the first time in the world. Children's Day is officially celebrated in every city and school in Turkey. For this purpose, we would like to invite you and your children to this holiday.

 The aim of range this event is explain the importance and role of love, peace, friendships the Children, whom will grown ups of future. It will be just great pleasure and honour to receive the pointed group’s representative its country joining in this amazing international event.

DATE : We will invite groups in Istanbul  20-24  April 2023. We will meet them in Istanbul and than directly transfer Turkish student   families.

PERFORMANCE : All groups will performance max 15 minute. Performances can be with live music or CD.Perfromance will be schools and one night gala programme concert hall.Festival Committee will give Certificate, Medal to the all participants, moreover; plates and souvenirs will be given for each group.




A- HOST FAMILIES : According to the ages of children will accommodate with theirs Turkisstudent   families. Every 2 student will stay at the same Family together. Group leaders must choose in advance the students who are staying with same family.(breakfast-dinner host families)  Festival committee will provide to 5 adult ( Leaders, Musicians, Drivers, families) . We just remind you if there more people than 5 adults , this time each adult has to pay her or his staying in hotel which is 35 euro around daily. All each participant CHİLDERN will pay school families participation fee for during 4 night 40 euro.

B - ACCOMMODATIONS STAR 3  140 € / per person/ all Festival time 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS

C- ACCOMMODATIONS STAR 4  160 € / per person/ all Festival time 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS

We will provide to you Two  meals per day   (Breakfast+Dinner) and accommodation at the  3* 4* HOTEL  ISTANBUL centrum  each room has 2-3 beds.  free internet wifi. If group come more than 20 people and more 1,  35 people and more 2  free. If groups want to lunch pocket we can arrange it.

TRANSPORTATION;  If group is going to by PLANE, we are going to hire the bus for their all ground transportations.  Groups will pay this bus cost. Bus, serves throughout the festival dates (Airport transfers, excursions program transfers (group will visit historical area in Europe side only once), and transfers to the field performance). At the first day of the festival transportation fee should be paid to the festival committee. This is the cost of BUS for max. 45 persontotally 980 €. If group number of participant  less than 16 person bus cost is 880 €.  For the solo duet participate Between 1-4 people cost  per person 90 euro.

Please inform us short brief about your group background by the way a few nice photos of your group with attachment file. If you are agree and accept the conditions please fill up Official application form and send it back to us with attachment file.

 Personally we hope this first meeting will be very successfully and consequently result of thinking about to arrange it regularly. If you havsimilar organization in your country, we are willing to take part in 2012. 

P.S: All payments have to be pay in cash (travel-cheque not acceptable) at the first day of the festival.Deposit is non-refundable.

 TECHNICAL & ARTISTIC INFORMATIONS: All the basics are providing by the festival organization, such as lightening, one stage side for musicians with microphones participation groups. The groups will perform at the open-air stages mostly during the nights, however some daily performances will be in festival schedule programmed too. https://www.facebook.com/eurasia.festivals

 FESTIVAL MEDICAL INSURANCE  : All groups are required to secure MADICAL INSURANCE before coming to festival. Organization won’t pay any medical or hospital cost incurred at the festival period. However for any emergency situation, we will provide an ambulance and it will be always ready for 24 hours.








1 DAY : 
Groups coming by bus, Harman folk guide will meet the Groups  /Istanbul in the afternoon. 21:00 General meeting festival committee with the group leaders and interpreters, letting know recently details information in school       (EXCHANGE PRESENT)

 2 DAY : 09:30
 school education programme lunch at school and performanace

14:00 All Groups must be ready in the bus just on time, moving from dormitory to Europe part, visiting historical area  SULTAN AHMET mosque (Free) TOPKAPI PLACE and ST. SOPHIA ( If groups want to visit give entry fee)       ISTANBUL INFO 

Dinner and 20:00 MUNİCİPALİTY  children festival performance programme 

 3 DAY :  
09:30 Breakfast. free time. Reheharsal  and school education programme .lunch at school Performance at school 

17:00 : Privat BOSPHORUS BOAT TOUR  Dinner . 

20:00 MUNİCİPALİTY  children festival performance programme 

4 DAY :  09:30 Breakfast. school programme gala programme 

5 DAY :  09:30 Breakfast. free time. 12:00 groups will leave in hotels and host families.