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Dance Seminars

Harmanfolk as to foreigners since 1992 in Istanbul and in Turkey's various regions oriented analysis experts with highly qualified professionals Turkish Folk Games, Çiftetelli, Roma, Pontus (Black Sea) Dansi, supplying Oriental and rhythm lessons. Our international instructors teach in English and French.

Dance seminars for foreign groups we have done in Turkey

1992 NORWAY ship Turkey tanitimi dance and music shows and dance seminar in Turku, Turku dance of foreigners living in Turkey and consulates my teachings,

1996-98-2003-2005 Turk dance double dance and belly dance training for tourists coming to Istanbul,

2002-2003-2005 NORVEC one week Turkish dance seminar and Istanbul tour trips to Oslo from dance groups, Turkish dance music and belly dance shows on foreign touristic ships,

2006 ISRAIL dance groups, 3 days of Turkish dance, oriental, double and Istanbul tour org.

2007 American bride and groom Zeybek lesson for their wedding in Istanbul.

2007 3 Turkish Dance and Ciftetelli Courses in Greece Islands,

Turkish Dance for 2009 University Students,

Oriental and Turkish Dance training for 2010 Dutch Dance group,

Turkish dance for 2011 New York University students.

2012 Uskudar American college to teach American teachers zeybek-ve halay dance.

As a group, we are doing weekend dance courses and tourist trips to foreigners or a weekly dance program.