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Since 1987, in Turkey and abroad international folklore – Music - dance and engaged in many activities as a cultural organisation. Our country by many international organizations in our country and abroad every year ... Dear friends; I know that the corona virus affected the whole world. I hope that we and our families get out of this situation without any harm. all activities are canceled. I know that May will end at ten. We arrange private international XX. ISTANBUL CULTURE FESTIVALS CHORUS- FOLK DANCE - MUSIC –FOLK INSTURMANTAL COMPETITION & FESTIVALS in Turkey .(different region and 5 different time ) We will hold our festivals and competitions between 16 -20 April Antalya culture fest. 20-24 Bursa iznik lake culture festival 7 -11 July 2021 Istanbul culture festival & music dance competition 27-31 August istanbul culture fest. and 24-28 November culture fest & dance music competition 2021 . If you are agree and accept the conditions please just confirm the Application form and send us a few recently photos of your group and just short brief about your group background too, in order to send you official invitation. For anything we might be helpful, please feel free to let us know .